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  • Genesis Review


    Is your online business based on Affiliate Marketing?  Are you making the money you deserve?  Are you getting the traffic to your offers needed to fulfill your dream of financial independence?  If not then Genesis might just be the product to help you to succeed.

    Introducing Genesis!  This is a case study on how one man developed a method to make over $260 per hour by using nothing but free traffic.



    This product is brought to you by 3 of the top Internet Marketers online today.  Genesis is brought to you by Brendan Mace and his partners Dalton Scott and Kevin Fahey.  Kevin is the mastermind behind the Genesis method and he offers you the opportunity to learn how he is making money with affiliate marketing using 100% traffic



    Kevin Fahey has been in the Internet Marketing field since 2007 and he always offers high quality products that bring his customers solid results.  Kevin’s knowledge is so sought after that people are willing to pay him $5000 for his private training.  And up until now, you would have had to have been one of Kevin’s $5000 students in order to access a method like Genesis.  That all ends today.



    Lucky for you, Brendan talked Kevin into making his method available to the public for a small fraction of what his $5000 students has to pay to learn this method.  You will get a complete video series where you will learn the steps that Kevin takes to generate his affiliate marketing profits using 100% free traffic.



    If you are interested in learning more, you can check out my Genesis Review below.


    Don’t have time to watch the video?  Check out the Genesis sales page [eafl id=”144″ name=”Genesis blog” text=”here”].

  • Emergency Cash Booster

    Emergency Cash Booster is a newly launched product by Ivana Bosnjak.  Ivana is giving you a case study on how she made $698.00 in sales in 2 days only using a free traffic method.  Her methods are simple to follow, easy for new marketers to implement, and can be used in any niche by using the power of free Facebook traffic.


    Ivana says this about her training:

    • It takes 30 minutes or less to get going… you can do it today when you follow my step-by-step training.
    • No technical skills required… I’ll give you “over the shoulder” instructions on how to get going.
    • 100% FREE Traffic… You never have to a spend a DIME on traffic.
    • Works in ANY niche.
    • 100% Evergreen… This is NOT a loophole or something that’s “here today… gone tomorrow”…
    • This is my very own REAL case study with REAL proof that I am REALLY doing this and that it works…



    The product comes with a 51 page downloadable pdf.  Plus you go can go through the members area and view numerous videos that break down the pdf training into easy to digest sections.  Also included in the members area are 4 bonuses that you receive for purchasing the product.

    Does this product live up to it’s claims?  If you are willing to follow then instructions and are prepared to put in some work, then you can make money with this training.  But Ivana is already a well known marketer who has an email list and a following on Facebook.  If you have neither of these things, then you will probably not get results as fast as she did.  But with some work on growing your followers, you should certainly be able to profit with this method.  You may even be able to turn this method into a full time business.

    If you want to learn more, click [eafl id=”131″ name=”Emergency Cash Booster Blog” text=”here”] to go to Emergency Cash Booster.

    Watch my YouTube Review Video.


    If you want to learn more, click [eafl id=”131″ name=”Emergency Cash Booster Blog” text=”here”] to go to Emergency Cash Booster.