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  • WP Blazer Suite

    [eafl id=”425″ name=”wp blazer” text=”WP Blazer Suite”] removes all of the stress of building and maintaining your WordPress sites.  You can take care of all the needed tasks on all of your sites!  And best of all, you can do it from one centralized location.  No more logging into your sites one at at time for site maintenance.

    WP Blazer gives you:

    • Set & forget WordPress site management
    • Peace of mind with instant site security
    • Backups done for you like clockwork
    • Auto hackerproofing theme & plugin updates
    • Stress free SSL setup on all of your sites
    • 1 Click Cloning for faster WP setup
    • 24/7 Up-Time monitoring
    • Add/update pixels across your blog network
    • More traffic with SEO site audits & fixes
    • And so much more!

    If you’re ready to automate all of your WordPress creation and management steps then take a look at WP Blazer!

  • WP Toolkit

    [eafl id=”600″ name=”IG Mastery” text=”WP Toolkit”] is a massive library of Premium WordPress Tools. It contains a collection of hundreds of the top WordPress plugins and themes. 

    All of  these tools are bundled in one amazing package which means you get them for a fraction of the cost compared to buying them one at a time. Not only do you get all the tools but you will also get developer’s rights.  This means that you can use any of these tools on a customer’s site that you are building.  All without additional cost to you or your customer.  

    Not only do you get hundreds of themes to choose from but you also get a huge selection of premium plugins such as:

    • Video plugins
    • Mobile plugins
    • Slider plugins
    • Mail plugins
    • Advertising plugins
    • Popup plugins
    • Etc.

    Get your copy of WP Toolkit